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Injustice 2 Cheats – Unlimited Gems, Coins And Sim Hack – 2018

The recently released Injustice 2 has many superhero fans hyped up for the game. Made available first on the Playstation 4 and Xbox one, then later for mobile devices both iOS and Android, Injustice 2 has kept its players glued to their screen to try everything out. While it may seem straightforward to get the end content for every hero on ladder mode, watch all of their cutscenes and try out all of their super moves, there is actually a lot more to be unlocked.

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Get the Ending for Every Character

Long story short, all you have to do is to finish any of the tiers in Battle Simulator. When you do, not only do you get to watch their story ending but you even get their alternate colors which you can use in future fights. In addition, if you want to play as Brainiac for free instead of paying for it or looking for Injustice 2 hacks, simply finish the story mode of the game.


Unlock Premier Skins

If the alternate colors were not enough for you, which often is the case for anyone, try getting their premier skins. The skin does not add or alter anything to their individual story line but it gives a great a change to their aesthetic. Using their premier skins will change their voice, their dialogue speeches, and of course, their whole outfit.

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● Golden Age Flash – Buy with 6,000 Source Crystals

● Grid (Cyborg) – Download the mobile version and link your account

● Mr. Freeze (Captain Cold) – Buy with 6,000 Source Crystals

● Power Girl (Supergirl) – Buy with 6,000 Source Crystals

● Vixen (Cheetah) – Buy with 6,000 Source Crystals

● Reverse Flash – Buy with 6,000 Source Crystals


Lessen the Damage of Super Moves

Anyone would hate the huge damage that super moves can do to your character. However, you can actually lessen the damage if you hit the right buttons at the right time as a sort of quick-time event. Although it does not reduce much damage, this sort of Injustice 2 cheat can mean the difference between winning and losing.


While your character is being hit by the super move, instead of enjoying the cutscene, try hitting the X button every time you see your character gets hit. When successful, you will see a small shield icon after each strike.

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Secret Trophies

There’s a huge list of trophies you can achieve and are pretty straightforward to get. However, there are a few secret trophies you can get that are not displayed.

● This Is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things (Bronze Trophy)

While all the Environmental Interactions are being used, stay in the Batcave

● Heathens (Bronze Trophy)

Use every villain and win at least one match with them.

● Be Pre-Paired (Bronze Trophy)

Use Harley and dethrone one opponent in the King of the Hill with Double-Trouble (her super move) as the last hit.

● Back to Where You Belong (Bronze Trophy)

Use Batman and put every villain from Gotham through the Arkham Transitions.


Easter Eggs

Although this does not do much to the overall gameplay, Easter Eggs are still fun to spot. Here are some of them

● Supergirl vs Atrocitus – If Supergirl wins, she has a line that references both of their pets: “Streaky (Supergirl’s pet) is better than Dex Starr (Atrocitus’ companion)”

● Batman vs Superman – Injustice 1 ends with Superman in prison. When the battle starts, Batman would sometimes taunt Superman saying that he belongs to jail. On the other hand, Superman would make references to his government also as a reference to Injustice 1.


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